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Stephan Schiffels

Jun 30, 2023, 2:40:54 AM6/30/23
to hakyll

I have a data file listing data for items. I would like to generate multiple pages from that one source file. 

Right now I simply read the source file outside of Hakyll, and then use it from inside the Rules Monad. But I think it would be nicer to have it all inside Hakyll for consistency.

So instead of doing something like

main :: IO ()
main = parseDataFile "data/myData.json" >>= runHakyll

runHakyll :: [(String, MyData)] -> Rules ()
runHakyll listOfData = hakyll $ do
    create (map fst data) $ do
       -- this will create one page per item in data

I would like to do 

main = hakyll $ do
    match "data/myData.json" $ do
       rawStr <- getResourceString
       let data = parse ... rawStr
       return data

create (map fst data) $ do
    -- this won't work because I would have to "load" the data, which is only possible in the Compiler Monad, not in the Rules Monad.

Is there a best practice for something like this? I looked at "makeItem", but that is weird because it associates the newly created items with the one identifier used in the Rules. As far as I can see, I cannot create new identifiers once I am in the Compiler.

So there is the following dilemma:
- loading compiled data is only possible within Compiler, not Rules
- Creating new identifiers is only possible within Rules, not Compiler.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Stephan

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