Hakyll not able to load a post even though it outputs it to `_site`

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Mon Aaraj

Jul 21, 2023, 9:38:58 AM7/21/23
to hakyll

I've been facing issues using Hakyll. I'm trying to move to using Hakyll from Slick, and one thing I'm finding is that the errors are definitely very confusing and not as helpful as they could be. here's what i ran:

% cabal run exe:site -- rebuild
Removing _site...
Removing _cache...
Removing _cache/tmp...
  Creating store...
  Creating provider...
  Running rules...
Checking for out-of-date items
  updated web/css/style.css
  updated web/images/github-logo.svg
  updated web/images/mastodon-logo.svg
  updated web/templates/atom.xml
  updated web/templates/footer.html
  updated web/templates/header.html
  updated web/templates/post-list.html
  updated web/templates/post.html
  updated web/templates/default.html
  updated style.css
  updated web/posts/2023-07-20-hello-world.md
  [ERROR] Hakyll.Core.Compiler.Require.load: web/posts/2023-07-20-hello-world.md (snapshot content) was not found in the cache, the cache might be corrupted or the item you are referring to might not exist


here's my app/Main.hs: https://paste.rs/i9TiD.hs
and here's my tree: https://paste.rs/Tejku.txt
here's the `web/posts/2023-07-20-hello-world.md` file: https://paste.rs/DJ3vA.txt

Strangely enough, Hakyll seems to have outputted this follder to `_site` anyways. Weird.

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