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Nov 21, 2022, 6:10:24 PM11/21/22

NOUVELLES DE LA REPUBLIQUE DOMINICAINE : Ce pays, a-t-il opté pour le dialogue, le progrès et la modernité ou l'anarchie, le sous-développement et l’avilissement ?


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Banana Producer Says Repatriations Endanger Production                                            

(LD; Monday, November 21 2022)

Rafael Sosa, banana producer of the Northwest Line, former president and member of the Dominican Association of Banana Producers (Adobanano), described as "dramatic" the situation that producers are experiencing with the raids and repatriations of Haitians carried out by immigration authorities, even with workers who have their work permits on them.

"Producers regularized 14,544 workers who are the ones who work in our plantations, paying the equivalent of US$100." 


U.S. Embassy alerts U.S. citizens visiting the DR about ongoing Dominican migration enforcement                                            

(LD; DL; Acento; SIN; Telenoticias; El Día; CDN; Saturday, November 19 2022)

The US Embassy issued an alert to US citizens visiting the DR about an ongoing Dominican migration enforcement that would violate the human rights of darker-skinned people.

“Reports of disparate treatment of U.S. citizens by Dominican authorities are a matter of ongoing concern to the U.S. Embassy (…) In recent days, as reported in Dominican media, Dominican Migration (DGM) agents have conducted widespread operations aimed at detaining those they believe to be undocumented migrants, especially persons of Haitian descent. In some cases, authorities have not respected these individuals' legal status in the Dominican Republic or nationality. These actions may lead to increased interaction with Dominican authorities, especially for darker skinned U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens of African descent. There are reports that detainees are kept in overcrowded detention centers, without the ability to challenge their detention, and without access to food or restroom facilities, sometimes for days at a time, before being released or deported to Haiti.”


Haiti condemns the inhumane treatment of Haitian immigrants in the DR                                     

(El Nuevo Diario; LD; N Digital; Monday, November 21 2022)

The Haitian government condemned this Sunday the "shameful" and "inhumane" treatment that its citizens receive in the Dominican Republic, a country that has deported thousands of undocumented Haitians in recent weeks.


Dominican government rejects U.S. accusations of racism                                            

(DL; LD; El Caribe; Acento; El Nuevo Diario; HOY;; Monday, November 21 2022)

The Dominican Republic firmly rejected on Sunday official U.S. accusations denouncing an alleged “unequal treatment” based “on the color of the skin” of American travelers by its immigration services.

“The U.S. government has provided no evidence, beyond anecdotal cases without independent verification, that there is a systematic pattern of violations of migrant rights ordered by Dominican authorities,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.


Commentary on U.S. alert on ongoing Dominican migration enforcement                                     

(El Día; Monday, November 21 2022)

El Día editorial comments on the U.S. government's warning about racial discrimination in the DR in the framework of the ongoing migration enforcement. “An American media outlet revealed what almost everyone here assumed: the United States government wants a third country to bear the burden of Haitian immigration overwhelmed by the crisis Haiti is experiencing. The same day that NBC published that report, the United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic released a statement signed by the State Department, but generated here, in which it reflects one of the many infamies that have been delved into to force the Dominican Republic to bear the Haitian problem.”

“No matter how firm the position of the Dominican government may be, the United States has ways of breaking it down.

Along the way it can discredit the authorities, boycott tourism, create internal instability and discredit the country.”

“Other pressures will be produced, some of them indirect. Others executed by their local mouthpieces. At least now there are few doubts about their intentions and their considerations for the Dominican Republic.”


Commentary on U.S. warning about racial discrimination in the DR                                     

(DL; Monday, November 21 2022)

Diario Libre editorial comments on the U.S. government's warning about racial discrimination in the DR.

“The accusations, nothing veiled, do not provide evidence and are one more step in the intentions, expressed on other occasions, against the right of a sovereign country to set its migration and nationality policies.”

“It is not easy to forget the images of police on horseback at the border with Mexico dispersing or detaining Haitian migrants.

“The statement from the United States Embassy deserves firm repudiation and arouses suspicion about the intentions of the international community and the United States, specifically, about the solution they want for Haiti.”


Commentary on Dominican migration enforcement                                     

(LD; Monday, November 21 2022)

LISTIN DIARIO’s editorial comments on the U.S. government's warning about racial discrimination in the DR in the framework of the ongoing migration enforcement.

“An extravagant statement has been given by the US Embassy about alleged unequal treatment of dark-skinned or African-American US citizens, which had never been reported before (…) By exposing this now, with a wedge directed at the repatriation of illegal Haitians, who by the way are dark-skinned, the United States sends a message of concern, though a contradictory one, about the fate of its black or African-American citizens who visit our country.”

“Hopefully the same concern will be felt within that great nation, where the majority of the prisoners that populate its jails are black or Hispanic, the two minorities that suffer the most from poverty and unemployment, as well as discrimination in many ways.”

“The President cannot be left alone in this endeavor, because what is at stake is national integrity and citizen security, and on both fronts it is necessary to stand up with responsibility and courage, using the Duartian ideal and the Constitution as a shield.”


Commentary on Dominican Government reaction to U.S. alert on ongoing Dominican migration enforcement (Video)                                     

(ZOL FM; Monday, November 21 2022)

Dominican journalist Julio Martínez Pozo comments on the U.S. government's warning about racial discrimination in the DR in the framework of the ongoing migration enforcement.

“This is an interventionist and disrespectful act towards our country.”


U.S. makes efforts for countries like the DR to host Haitians                                            

(El Día; Monday, November 21 2022)

According to two US officials and an internal planning document published by the US outlet NBC News, the Joe Biden administration plans for third countries such as the Dominican Republic to temporarily house Haitian immigrants, among the options to respond to a possible mass exodus of Haitians.


Commentary on US-DR-Haiti relations                                     

(LD; Monday, November 21 2022)

Cristhian Jimenez - columnist for Listin Diario - comments on US-DR-Haiti relations.

"In its catalog of pressures for the Dominican Republic to stop deportations of undocumented Haitians and open space for refugees, the United States has just taken a dangerous path.”


Commentary on sanctions against Haitian officials                                     

(ACENTO; Monday, November 21 2022)

ACENTO’s editorial comments on sanctions against Haitian officials

"The Canadian government's decision to sanction Haitian officials sets the United States on track to follow in its footsteps. The United States has been paying attention to other issues, but has not fully taken the step of applying sanctions directly to those responsible (...) The Dominican Republic, which already has Haitian businessmen and politicians with properties and resources invested in our country, might want to identify those fortunes and the names behind them, in order to apply responsible sanctions to those who support and hide behind Haitian criminal gangs.”


Unknown persons attempt to burn two Dominican consulates in Haiti                                     

(DL;; Diario Noticias; Friday, November 18 2022)

Unknown persons tried to burn this Friday the building that houses the Dominican Consulate in the community of Cap Haitien and tried the same with the consulate of Juana Méndez.  The fire was controlled after the intervention of the Haitian National Police and members of the Fire Department.


Traffic accidents will be reduced by 30% with road intervention                                        

(Acento; Telenoticias; Hoy; Monday, November 21 2022)

Hugo Beras, executive director of the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant) announced that traffic accidents in the country will be reduced by 30% through the intervention of 600 roads throughout the national territory. 


Ministry of Tourism inaugurates works in Cabrera area                                    

(LD; DL; Punta; El Día; Telenoticias; Monday, November 21 2022)

Dominican Vice President Raquel Peña and the Minister of Tourism David Collado, inaugurated the new Cabrera boardwalk in the María Trinidad Sánchez province.

Collado stated that this work marks a before and after in the development of tourism in Cabrera.    


Commentary DR-US-China relations                                            

(LD; Sunday, November 20 2022)

Listin Diario published a story on Sunday - authored by Esmirna Paredes - about how DR-China relations have progressed.

"China will continue to be a key strategic partner worldwide, in the medium and long term. In this regard, the DR must try to maintain its relations with this important country, without forgetting that the United States is its main trading partner, with which it maintains historical links. The role that our country could play in the new world order that is being configured, as a non-determining State in international relations, should be aimed at collaboration with all other actors, regardless of whether they are powers already consolidated as the United States and Europe, or on the rise like China and India.”


Principal of school in NY takes advantage of Dominican teachers                                         

(DL; Sunday, November 20 2022)

The wife of a Bronx school principal receives rent money from teachers recruited from the Dominican Republic and forces them to rent in a building owned by the principal's mother. The program is now embroiled in accusations that foreigners are controlled and intimidated by a group of the Department of Education administrators who profit as property owners.


4.5 million affiliates could be left without insurance coverage due to the conflict between the Dominican Medical Association and Private Insurance Companies                                         

(LD; DL; El; Monday, November 21 2022)

If the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) and Private Insurance Companies do not reach an agreement, more than four million 500 thousand affiliates of the Family Health Insurance Contributory Regime (SFS) are at risk of being affected.

The private insurance companies have insisted that most of the union's claims cannot be resolved by them, but correspond to decisions of the National Social Security Council (CNSS).


Nine sub-variants of omicron circulate in the country                                       

(LD; Monday, November 21 2022)

The circulation of at least nine sub-variants of the Omicron lineage of COVID-19 have been detected in the country in the latest sequencing of Dr. Defilló National Laboratory, of the positive samples of Covid-19 taken in recent weeks.

The Ministry of Public Health informed that the sub-variants BA.4.6, BA.5.2, BA.5.2.6, BF.7, BF.13, BN.1, BQ.1, BQ.1.1 and XBB have been present for months.


Thousands of Catholics marched to “defend family values” in Santo Domingo                                            

(LD; Super7FM; Roberto Cavada; Monday, November 21 2022)

Thousands of citizens walked to defend family values and respect for life. 

“It is a walk for life and family values. We want to make people feel respect and family unity,” stated Víctor Méndez, member of the Emaus congregation.


Commentary on Nancy Pelosi’s resignation                                          

(LD; Monday, November 21 2022)

J.C. Malone, a Dominican journalist, comments on the resignation of Nancy Pelosi.

"Pelosi has paved the way for a new generation, thus renewing the Democratic Party."


Commentary on China                                          

(HOY; Monday, November 21 2022)

Eduardo Klinger comments on Chinese economy.

"From a backward country with great poverty, China has become a power that amazes the world. An exporting leader, it went from a GDP of less than 2% of the world indicator to representing almost 19% of it, responsible for 30 % of global growth, second world economy in progress at the center of the podium.”


President Abinader: "The government and the National Police will confront crime in any arena"                                          

(Acento; DL; El Nacional; El Nuevo Diario; LD; RTVD; Al; SIN; Sunday, November 20 2022)

President Luis Abinader assured that the Dominican Government and the National Police will confront crime in any arena.

Abinader said that fighting crime is his priority, and promised work will be done to face it and reduce it, but the support of every Dominican is necessary.

"And I want to tell you at this time that the criminals either turn themselves in or they will be drastically confronted by the National Police and the Government."


Dominicans involved in shooting against U.S. customs federal agents in PR coast                                            

(YouTube – Color Vision- SIN (Video); Monday, November 21 2022)

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent and a suspected smuggler died during a shootout Thursday off the Puerto Rico coast, authorities said. Two other U.S. officers were injured.


DR and Mercosur will have first working meeting to strengthen trade                                                

(DL; Acento; Notidigital RD; Friday, November 18 2022)

The Dominican Foreign Ministry informed that the Dominican Republic will host next week the First Face-to-Face Meeting of the Joint Working Group for the Promotion of Trade, Investment and Productive Chain between the country and the member states of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur).  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host on November 21 the representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. 


Representatives of Central Banks of the Region meet in the DR                                   

(LD; Hoy; Monday, November 21 2022)

DR Central Bank hosted the 30th meeting of the Payment System Technical Committee (CTSP) and the 8th Information Technology Committee (CTI), where compliance with regulations and disclosure strategy were reviewed and innovation issues were discussed and cybersecurity to contribute to its optimal functioning.  Committees of technicians belonging to the central banks of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic participated in the meeting.  




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