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NOUVELLES DE LA REPUBLIQUE DOMINICAINE : Ce pays, a-t-il opté pour le dialogue, le progrès et la modernité ou l'anarchie, le sous-développement et l’avilissement ?


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50% of the births attended at Los Mina Maternity are Haitian women                                        

(DL; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

According to the director of the Los Mina Maternity, the number of women giving birth that the hospital has received so far this year is approximately 6,000. Of this figure, 50% of the patients were Haitian, that is, more than 3,000; and between 3% and 5% Venezuelans. On October 27, the Undersecretary for Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights of the United States, Uzra Zeya, urged the Dominican Government to "provide services to all vulnerable people, including Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent." During her participation in the high-level dialogue on Institutional Reforms carried out by President Luis Abinader with the Government of the United States, Zeya said that "the Dominican Government must continue to advance in the fight against human trafficking through the investigation, prosecution and the effective conviction of traffickers, protecting the most vulnerable in our communities”, therefore, she advocates for “the approval of an updated law on human trafficking, in accordance with international standards”.


Commentary on U.S. request for the DR to welcome Haitians                                        

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

César Duvernay - Dominican journalist - comments on the U.S. request for the DR to welcome Haitians, and classifies it as "insolence". "The words of the U.S. Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya urging the Dominican government to provide services (protect) Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent, are insolent.”


U.S. Secretary of State discusses with China "the need" for coordinated action in support of Haiti                                   

(DL; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke on Monday with China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on a phone call, where they discussed the need to maintain open lines of communication and to manage US-China relations responsibly. During the phone call, Blinken also addressed the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in Haiti and the need to provide coordinated action in support of the Haitian people.


Related news:

Five activists from Charles Moise's party murdered in Haiti                         

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

The lifeless bodies of five activists from “Baz 47”, a base nucleus of the Petit Dessalines party led by Jean Charles Moise who had been arrested last week by men in police uniforms, were found in the Tabarre 43 commune. The information was offered by Michelle Obas, a member of the organization. Among the dead activists were identified Paul Ezéquiel, James Mondésir, Enock, and another named Pablo.


U.S. Embassy in the DR warns about incorrect use of visas                                          

(DL; Monday, October 31 2022)

The United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic restated the correct use of a visa. In its column, "Ask the Consul," published this Monday, the entity explained that: “Each person has the responsibility to comply with the terms of their visa class. Every kind of visa has its correct use; therefore, the activities allowed according to the visa class must be respected. It is also your responsibility to comply with federal and local laws in the United States, including traffic and good conduct laws.”


Interview with Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights                                        

(Telecentro, Channel 13; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Uzra Zeya was interviewed by Dominican journalist Lorenny Solano.  Zeya highlighted the support the US government has given to the Dominican democracy.


Public Health Minister highlights US support in the fight against COVID                                            

(Z101 Digital, N DigitalLa InformaciónEl Nuevo Diario; Monday, October 31 2022)

The Minister of Health and President of the Health Cabinet, Dr. Daniel Rivera, highlighted in Santiago the great economic and technological contributions of the United States government in the national health system, highlighting the fight against COVID-19 and other pathologies in the country. Rivera made the statement while giving a speech at the inauguration of the new molecular biology laboratory that will work at the José María Cabral y Báez Regional University Hospital. He specified that to continue with this support for the Dominican Republic, the USNS Comfort ship will come to the country at the end of this month of November, which is a mobile hospital with more than a thousand beds, 30 Intensive Care units and various medical specialties to attend to the inhabitants of the localities of the South of the country. About the new molecular biology laboratory, Dr. Daniel Rivera said that it comes to join the already modern technology equipment used by Cabral and Báez to detect various pathological and viral diseases in time, such as dengue, leptospirosis, HIV, Zika, influenza and monkeypox.


Political parties support Central Electoral Board proposal to stop ill-timed campaign                                        

(LD; DLLas PrimerasSIN; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

The main Dominican political parties agree to sign the agreement-commitment that seeks to stop the political activism that is being carried out outside the deadlines established by the calendar for the pre-campaign and the electoral campaign. The agreement is scheduled to be signed at 10 am this Thursday, November 3.


Doctors and private clinics join in demands to Health Risks Administrators (ARS) for better service payments                                       

(LD; MondayOctober 31 2022)

The National Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals (ANDECLIP) also joined the demands of the Dominican Medical Association (CMD), which keeps its services paralyzed in the North of the country as part of the protest actions that it develops in claim of improvement in the conditions. ANDECLIP demands that the ARS adjust the rates they pay providers for the services they offer to member patients.   

COVID-19 cases are decreasing in the DR, but other diseases intensify                                    

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Epidemiological bulletin issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology continues to show increasingly low records of the COVID-19 virus, with a report of 18 cases in the last 24 hours. However, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, said that one of the concerns the system has is to get the population assume changes in their lifestyles to lower the high levels of non-communicable diseases, such as overweight, hypertension and diabetes. 


Commentary on freedom of expression in the Americas                                    

(DL; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Inés Aizpún, director and editor of Diario Libre, comments on freedom of expression in the Americas – including the DR and the US. "In a gloomy panorama of the decline of freedom of expression in the Americas (including the United States), the DR maintains its fourth position in the ranking, among those with low restrictions. It is good news, it is a bit lacking, but we are doing well.”

Bolsonaro's silence after electoral defeat keeps Brazil in suspense                                  

(LD; HoyDLAcento; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

One day after Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was elected president, Jair Bolsonaro remains silent while Brazil is semi-paralyzed with hundreds of roadblocks across the country, orchestrated by truckers who do not accept the far-right leader's defeat. The president's silence keeps the country and the world in suspense, since during the campaign Bolsonaro threatened to only accept elections results if he considered they had been transparent. 


Commentary on the Latin-American shift to the left                          

(DL; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Diario Libre’s editorial comments on the Latin American shift to the left after reelection of Lula Da Silva in Brazil. "The United States, with the Democrats in power, has taken a pragmatic view towards that left (...) at a time when China tries to extend its influence and makes it decisive to make clear where loyalties lie." 


Commentary on Brazil election result                          

(El Caribe; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

El Caribe’s editorial comments on the Brazil election results. "Elections at this time - in all parts of the world that lives in democracy - are the path par excellence, the only valid way to change governments.”


Commentary on democracy                          

(Acento; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Acento’s editorial comments on democracy amid Brazil election results. "What the most extremist followers of Bolsonaro want seems crazy in these times, and if they achieve their nonsense, it would be very difficult for them to have international support and recognition.”


Interview: Odile Miniño, promoter of Amber Alert System Bill                                          

(Color Vision (Video); MondayOctober 31 2022)

Odile Miniño, Dominican attorney, creator and promoter of the Amber Alert System Bill commented on the importance of the bill approval.  “The Amber Alert system works; it has worked very well in the United States, and has been used in different countries. It consists of articulating efforts from different institutions such as airports, ports, borders, so that they have immediate knowledge and the community in general, of a minor/adult disappearance and work together for his speedy recovery.”

64% of children in the DR suffer physical and psychological violence                                          

(El Día; HOY; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

According to the regional report of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), in the Dominican Republic, 64% of children and adolescents between the ages of one and 14 have suffered physical or psychological violence from their caregivers, and the figure increases to 70% in the ages between three to four years.


Crimes shake Santiago Province                                   

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

A series of violent deaths have been recorded in recent weeks in Santiago, D.R.  The National Police and the Public Ministry have not yet identified perpetrators. The Executive Director of the Association for the Development of Santiago (APEDI), Saúl Abreu, said, "We are concerned about the acts of violence that have occurred in the last two weeks, we trust that authorities will make every effort to give us results, and clarify all events that occurred in Santiago”    


Commentary on crime and violence in Santiago, D.R.                        

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

Listín Diario’s editorial comments on the crime and violence wave in Santiago

"Probably the impossibility of reaching the murderers and assassins, identifying them, apprehending them and judging them, is what gives rise to these inexplicable silences (...) As long as this “informative desert” prevails, society may rightly think that criminality has light green to operate with impunity, since in Santiago no one arrests them or prosecutes them." 

Central Bank (BCRD) increases its monetary policy rate by 25 basis points and takes it to 8.50% per year                                      

(LD; DLEl Caribe; AcentoEl DíaTeleantillasEl NacionalMonday, October 31 2022)

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), at its monetary policy meeting in October 2022, decided to increase its monetary policy interest rate (TPM) by 25 basis points, from 8.25% to 8.50% per year.


Commentary on inflation and monetary policy interest rate                        

(LD; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

El Día’s editorial comments on the Dominican inflation rates.

"It seems that we will have to get used to the periodic increases of the so-called Monetary Policy Rate of the Central Bank, a technical instrument to tame inflation.”


Border regions are the ones that contribute the least to GDP                                    

(LD; El Caribe; Tuesday, November 1 2022)

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development (Mepyd) presented the study "Approximating GDP at the regional level in the Dominican Republic" and, which was done in conjunction with the World Bank (WB) and the National Statistics Office (ONE). The study details economic activities carried out by the areas, as well as their contribution to the national economy between 2015 and 2019.   Among the regions that contribute the least to this economic indicator are El Valle, which includes Elías Piña, San Juan and Azua; the Enriquillo region with Pedernales, Barahona, and Bahoruco and Independencia, as well as the Northwest Cibao with Monte Cristi, Dajabón, Santiago Rodríguez and Valverde.    


Airlines explain obstacles to eliminate US$10 charge to Dominican passengers                              

(LD; Telenoticias; Monday, October 31 2022)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has requested a review of the measure to eliminate the charge of US$10 dollars for Tourist Card to Dominican passengers and residents in the country within seven days to expire the 45-day term granted by the Government so that national and foreign air operators refrain from charging ten dollars. IATA has suggested the Government the implementation of a "web that allows tourists to pay for the tourist card prior to the trip.  This would release passengers exempt from paying the fee,” highlighting that this process has been successful in other nations.



Samedi 5 novembre 2022





Presse Internationale


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Presse Nationale




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Gazette Haiti : Joseph Lambert et Youri Latortue interdits d’entrée aux USA et au Canada

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RhiNews : Youri Latortue : ‘‘Les sanctions du Canada et des Etats-Unis me visant, sont des décisions purement politiques’’…

Image7haiti : La femme du Sénateur Joseph Lambert sanctionnée par l’administration américaine

Haiti24.net : Diplomatie : Le visa du fils du sénateur Joseph Lambert révoqué

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Le Nouvelliste : « Même les citoyens américains impliqués dans les blocages en Haïti seront sanctionnés », promet Eric Stromayer

iciHaïti : USA : Des investigations sont en cours pour sanctionner d’autres personnes

Le National : Département du Trésor des États-Unis Bureau des Affaires Publiques





Universelmagazine : Justice haïtienne, la balle est à vous!

Rezo Nodwes : Haïti | Gangs et drogues: Lambert et Latortue sanctionnés par les Etats-Unis. Quid des autres chefs de gangs criminels Michel Martelly et Ariel Henry? s’interroge Dr. Josué Renaud de NEHRO (audio)

VBI : Haïti/ sanctions contre des politiques: Claude Joseph balance sa position 

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Metropole : Un ancien consul se résigne à une intervention militaire

VBI : Haïti-Crise: L’ONU appelle la communauté internationale à l’action pour éviter une tragédie

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Rezo Nodwes : Le UNHCR appelle les États à ne pas expulser les Haïtiens vers Haïti, un pays conduit à la faillite





Le Nouvelliste : Fritz Alphonse Jean dément avoir renoncé au poste de président élu de l’accord de Montana

Le Nouvelliste : Haïti : police-sécurité-pouvoir ; ce que Renald Lubérice n’a pas dit

Rezo Nodwes : Colonel Rébu: « Les Etats-Unis détestent les Haïtiens beaucoup plus que la France manifestant cette haine envers nous »





Le Nouvelliste : C'est officiel: la PNH annonce la reprise du terminal de Varreux

Le National : Le Terminal Varreux débloqué, des dommages collatéraux enregistrés

Gazette Haiti : Déblocage du Terminal Varreux: un agent de la PNH blessé par balles

RhiNews : Le terminal pétrolier Varreux enfin libéré après des semaines de negociations avec le chef du gang  ‘‘G-9’’, rapporte CNN…

Rezo Nodwes : Selon CNN, le terminal gazier Varreux a été libéré après des semaines de négociations avec le chef des gangs G9, Barbecue

VBI : Haïti : Déblocage du Terminal Varreux : Le gouvernement a-t-il négocié avec les gangs ?





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