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Kahunapule Michael Johnson

Aug 15, 2014, 11:31:27 PM8/15/14
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Haiola project statistics as of today:
568 languages
608 dialects
613 freely redistributable translations
18 limited-sharing translations
631 total public translations
5,717,279 hits on the 14 Bible web sites I operate in July 2014
And that doesn't include the hits on partner web sites that also have Bibles in many languages on them.

I'm pretty sure more than one person is reading the Bible in their own language, both connected to the Internet and reading what has been downloaded earlier.

The coolest part of Haiola, right now, is the ability to create inScript Bible Browser modules-- if you have the proprietary Digital Bible Society plugin. The only reason it is kept proprietary is to give an incentive to Bible translation agencies to share Scriptures with the world openly, or at least with DBS. If you have quality (consultant-checked) Scriptures that can be released under a Creative Commons Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives (except to change file format, but not change the text) license or better, I'd be happy to generate inScript modules for you. The really cool thing about the inScript Bible Browser is that it runs in most browsers, even off line, using just JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It also works on web sites. Right now, between Bibles.pw and eBible.org/study/, you can find all of the Bibles mentioned above, PLUS hundreds more, courtesy of Faith Comes by Hearing and their Digital Bible Platform, which draws, in part, from the ETEN Digital Bible Library. It is amazing what we can do when we work together in the Body of Christ!

The inScript Bible Browser:
  • Has real search capabilities, including multi-word search (not just a concordance)
  • Runs in common browsers, even off-line, using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Can be packaged in an app for popular smart phone, tablet, and computer platforms.
  • Adapts to screen size, enabling features like multi-column parallel Bible display as the screen size increases.
  • Is free and open source, with source on github.
  • Has an HTML and CSS-only fallback mobile display mode for cases where JavaScript support is not adequate.
  • Can display multiple translations in parallel, including source language texts.
  • Actually works pretty well, right now.
Please join me in praising and thanking the Lord for this progress. Then pray that we can do even better. There are still many languages where the Bible hasn't been translated, yet, let alone published electronically or in print. Do you feel the urgency that I do?

Your partner in electronic Bible publishing,

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