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Kahunapule Michael Johnson

Oct 9, 2014, 8:10:47 PM10/9/14
to Hai...@googlegroups.com

I just uploaded a minor update to Haiola. This version adds the feature where you can specify the symbol set used for footnote and crossreference callers used to expand the "+" (automatic caller generation) in input source \f + and \x + markup. Of course, if specific callers are given in the USFM, USFX, or USX source markup, that prevails. Caller sequences are specified on the "Advanced" tab of the settings for each project. The default values are the same as the old fixed values, so if you don't touch that setting, you get the same results as before. Callers are separated by spaces, so you can have more than one character in a caller (like * ** ***, etc.). The sequence is reset at the beginning of each chapter. If the end of the sequence is reached before the end of a chapter, the sequence starts over at the beginning. If you want just a constant character to be used as a caller, just put that one character in the sequence.

Although I spend a lot of time processing new Scriptures to post online, I try to be reasonably fast to make corrections or updates when they are needed. As we have refined our work flow, we have started to incorporate new quality checks in the publishing process. In between other tasks, I'm going back to make sure these checks have been done on previously-posted Scriptures. When those checks are done, I'm placing an "eBible.org certified" seal on the about page of each checked translation. Lack of a seal doesn't necessarily mean the checks haven't been done or failed. It just means that I haven't gotten around to verifying them for that translation, yet. Or it might mean that there are unresolved questions that I'm waiting for a response from a translator on.

For those of you who like numbers, here are some of my Bible publishing statistics as of today:
583 languages
622 dialects
636 freely redistributable translations
17 limited-sharing translations
653 total public translations
13 master sites
204 countries and major territories covered
> 5.1 million Bible web site hits on my servers in September (not counting whatever is going on with the DBS servers and assorted partner sites).
This doesn't count Scriptures displayed via FCBH's Digital Bible Platform and ABS's API. Those extra Scriptures are not freely downloadable, but they bring the count of Bible translations available online up to over 1,000 if my counting is correct. (It gets complicated sorting out duplicates, but it shows the power of working together.)
Not a bad start... :-)

Your partner in electronic Bible publishing,

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