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Kahunapule Michael Johnson

Aug 1, 2016, 6:19:31 PM8/1/16

Greetings from the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

By popular demand (believe it or not), I have condensed gigabytes of web server logs into an interesting report (July 2016.pdf, attached) of how many Bible downloads and page views there were last month, excluding search engine bot activity. This is actually more interesting to me than just "hits" on web sites, because it is more about what we really want: reaching real people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. I also attached a copy of scorecard.txt, which has the current count of Bible translations that I post in various places.

In reading the attached reports, here are some definitions that might be helpful in understanding them:

Bibles = Bibles, including New Testaments and other portions, downloaded
Views = page views, like a Bible chapter or an index (but not counting peripheral stuff like CSS files or images)
Translations = different Bible translations, like the English KJV, WEB, and ASV would count as three.
Languages = mutually unintelligible, distinct languages, like Mandarin Chinese, English, and Swahili.
Dialects = variations on a language, where speakers can understand each other, perhaps with difficulty, like Texan English, Scottish English, and Indian English.
Open access = either Public Domain (no copyright) or licensed such that the Bible may be freely shared, at least for noncommercial use.
Restricted = copyrighted Bibles where restrictive limits are placed on where and how it can be distributed by the copyright owner, usually precluding common formats like PDF, ePub, .mobi, etc., that are easy to share.

I haven't released an update to Haiola for a while, as I intended to (1) finish solving some PDF generation problems and (2) rewrite the Windows installation program first. Sorry about the delay. I hope to solve both problems before too long.

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July 2016.pdf
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