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Bill Liang

Oct 11, 2010, 4:53:51 AM10/11/10
Hello HackJammers,

In order to get more people interested in our group we have decided to
organize a series of HackJam workshops which are given by us in many
different venues to different groups of people. These workshops should
be no more than one hour in length, should be hands on, and most
likely will be presented to an audience no larger than practical to be
hands on.

We'd like to get your help in committing to give a workshop. The topic
is fairly open, and should be something you want to share with others,
and will have fun doing. I want to stress that HackJam is not
restricted to geeky endeavors. We want to attract all kinds of people
who want to socialize ideas, collaborate, and ultimately make
something (real or virtual).

So far, some of the proposed ideas for workshop are:

- Electronics for anyone who want to make pretty blinky things.
- Darkroom photo lab tricks 101.
- Vertical garden design for Hong Kong and submarines.
- Cooking for geeks.
- Lock picking 101 for when you are in a Jam.
- Electronic sensors for making your blinkies respond to the world.
- HTML5 in depth series.

The list can go on with your help. What we need now is for everyone to
come up with a workshop one is comfortable to host, commit to giving
it, and have fun doing it. Remember that HackJam is NOT about only
geeky pursuits. We want to bring people of all background together to
exchange ideas and make something out of them. If you are interested
I'd like you to reply to this group in the following format:

[Workshop title]
[A short description of the workshop]
[How many workshops in a series (if series)]
[Time for each workshop]
[Materials needed for each workshop (or approximate cost for material
to be provided by the workshop presenter)]

Once we compile a list of workshop we will present the list to
potential hosts for the workshops and work on scheduling. Please help
HackJam become a larger vibrant community by showing people the
interesting things we can do together.

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