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Oct 6, 2016, 5:37:50 PM10/6/16
to habari-dev
Hi everyone,

I posted to the habari-users group some time ago as i found out habari does not (yet) work with PHP7, due to issues fixed by using namespaces.
Konzertheld encouraged me to check the latest snapshot from github and I took that as base for debugging.

It turns out that upgrading an existing site to php7 that way needs only a few changes (see https://github.com/medmen/system/commit/e2e8ab62617a2da717537a8aa11f615b9e656b1a) to make it work again as far as habari/system is concerned.
Of course all plugins and themes will need namespace too, which is tedious especially for themes.

After recovering my old site and snooping around a bit, there are several bugs and issues that do not seem related to the switch to PHP7, but to changes made to the habari core (i.e.
  1.  dashboard not showing any content
  2. media silo looks weird and JS-code for inserting images does not work (fixed in https://github.com/medmen/system/commit/164e884ee6f096563c985bbfd63e65963c972ec1)
  3. strange "fixup"-messages for missing localisations??

After all it looks to me as if habari core is moving towards a cleanup in CSS ans JS for the backend, but I could not find anything about that in documentation and reading hundreds of commit messages is taking ages - so could anyone please explain the planned major changes between 0.9.2 and the upcoming 0.10 version?

I would like to see habari fly on PHP7 and contribute to that, but right now the project feels a bit messed up :)

Thanks for any clarification and keep up the good work,



Oct 9, 2016, 7:55:07 PM10/9/16
to habari-dev
Schön zu sehen dass die deutsche Community noch lebt :)

Actually, some of the fixes for PHP7 are already in a branch I currently work on. Work is ongoing, slowly but at least it is. Can you open pull requests for everything you fixed? I'd love to see that.

Regarding the rest, maybe someone else has time to answer before I have. A lot of the issues are known, but all the core devs, including myself, hardly have any time to work on Habari, unfortunately. There are plans to continue work on 0.10 though and we want a new release somewhen even though there is a lot to catch up.
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