Can you retrieve MPI.Comm object from an h5py.File instance?

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Edis Jakupovic

Aug 10, 2020, 11:27:06 PM8/10/20
to h5py

I have a question about "pulling out" the MPI communicator used to open an h5py file from the instance of the file: 

If I do something like,

f = h5py.File(filename, 'r', driver='mpio', comm=MPI.COMM_WORLD) 

comm =[0]

f2 = h5py.File(filename, 'r', driver='mpio', comm=comm) 

Will the second file also be opened with MPI.COMM_WORLD? I don't think this works, as MPI.COMM_WORLD is in instance of MPI.Intracomm, but comm is an instance of MPI.Comm.

Is there a way one can get back the communicator that was originally passed when the file was opened?

Thanks for any help,

Thomas Kluyver

Aug 13, 2020, 3:58:39 PM8/13/20
I think what h5py gives back is essentially a copy of the comm (from MPI_Comm_dup) - see the code here:

It's not clear to me if the duplication step is necessary.


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