H2O Target Encoder Mojo Model throwing NULL Pointer Exception

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Sep 12, 2020, 12:27:55 PM9/12/20
to H2O Open Source Scalable Machine Learning - h2ostream

I'm building a target encoder model using the given python example on h2o documentation and trying to predict the target encodings through java using mojo of this model. But the mojo prediction fails on the categories which are present in test data only and not in training data with following error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at hex.genmodel.algos.targetencoder.TargetEncoderMojoModel.computeEncodings(TargetEncoderMojoModel.java:87)
    at hex.genmodel.algos.targetencoder.TargetEncoderMojoModel.score0(TargetEncoderMojoModel.java:72)
    at hex.genmodel.easy.EasyPredictModelWrapper.predict(EasyPredictModelWrapper.java:889)
    at hex.genmodel.easy.EasyPredictModelWrapper.transformWithTargetEncoding(EasyPredictModelWrapper.java:618)
    at main.main(main.java:26)
After digging into the target encoder mojo, found that categories which are present in test data only, are present in domains.txt, so the target encoder doesn't treat these categories as missing categories. And the target encodings are missing for these categories from encoding_map.ini, so model throws NullPointerException when it tries to access encodings for such categories using encoding_map.ini,code to train model and predict encodings can be found here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63850930/h2o-target-encoder-mojo-model-throwing-null-pointer-exception 
I'm using h2o version on macOS. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in h2o target encoder mojo?
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