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Mar 12, 2021, 12:19:45 PMMar 12
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I currently develop with Django and use Wagtail CMS.  I've also used Django Channels on a couple of projects.  As much as I like Django, however, (and I really have come to like it), I am SO impressed with H2O Wave!!  I could easily see H2O Wave becoming the go-to platform for Python developers.  IMHO there are three things that would make it the IDEAL development platform, period:

  1. Compatability with PonyORM.  I've never been entirely satisfied with the syntax of Django's ORM, and I love the pure Pythonic syntax of PonyORM.  I've never used it, but I want to badly.  Perhaps PonyORM can already be used with H2oWave.
  2. A powerful CMS (similar to Wagtail) built on top of H2O Wave.  There is one MAJOR thing that I don't like about Wagtail, and that is it's use of a page tree as an integral part of the Page model.  I think that the organization of page models should be separate from the Page model declarations.
  3. Capability to set up non-websocket views (perhaps you have this already - I don't remember from my initial look at your docs a month ago).

Thanks for reading this if you have done so.  I'm watching H2O with great interest and expectation!

Dan Swain
Pennsylvania, USA

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