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Sep 27, 2011, 9:21:20 AM9/27/11
Yes I see Steve Dunkley, you a user on h2g2? What is your ID name if you don't mind me asking. Did you enjoy the video? Have a good day.

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"are you Robbie Stamp by any chance? "


On 27 September 2011 14:10, <> wrote:
Hi wow a quick reply, are you Robbie Stamp by any chance? I am on mobile phone I use Opera Mini5 to get onto h2g2 also BBC message boards. Using my network to use web is rather bleep! I like Opera Mini5 because I can open many web sites at once i.e email, h2g2, Myspace, search google, Facebook, etc I have many bookmarks. But at the moment I can&#39;t use friends reunited but they tell me they&#39;re working on a mobile site, yes I got intouch with them. Seems most places use flashplayer, I don&#39;t have that built in the mobile like these new Android, iPhone&#39;s have. Maybe you can tell me what is an Android mobile phone? What does it do that normal phones cannot? I&#39;m not a technical person. <laugh> The World Wide Web is huge, I also use google maps via the mobile I&#39;ve as far has Austraila even street view from my living room, I find it quit interesting. And weird that 10years ago none of this was possible we have come so far in so little time. Sorry for my ramblings. I go get some lunch are as some say bruch. Not had breaky yet been surfing the web. I&#39;ve inserted an interesting video called Magic Sand enjoy. I use Alabaster Skin also Plain on h2g2 I find Goo, Classic etc hard on the eyes I&#39;m partly sighted only one eye works. Cheers for your info.

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The new h2g2 will initially certainly be using the same code as the old one.. You&#39;ll be able to continue accessing it with Opera Mini. I use Opera Mobile in full mode, and find Goo is such a good mobile skin, even if it was the original and now quite old.

When we come to rebuild, mobile will be a *big* focus.


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