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Oct 28, 2011, 4:35:14 AM10/28/11
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Entry: Protests.

As you travel the length and breadth, height and width and other
weird dimensions of the universe you will complain about all kind of
things such as the lack of oxygen on the other side of an airlock door
and the extortionate price of peanuts in seedy spaceport bars.
It is the right of every being in the galaxy to get really fed up
with whatever they want and moan about it at length in the letters
pages of the Arcturan Herald. Some favourites include:

1. The price of a round of hovergolf.
2. Your neighbour's ultra-privet hedge.
3. The niggling feeling that someone is watching while you go to the
4. That woman with her endless cats.
5. Any change to the status quo.
6. The device that will save the planet being built in your back

Read more at http://bit.ly/roYvmN and on HyperSpaces at http://bit.ly/vGhZNR
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