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Sep 27, 2011, 7:53:59 AM9/27/11
Interesting stuff this is I have had 17 Emails on my mobile phone I wouldn't know if you call it a Smartfone! But I use opera mini to get onto h2g2 + BBC message boards so h2g2c2 will I neeed a PC to get on the new site? As you may notice it says from No Name this addy I use for others as all I seem to get is spam! So when I sign upto anything I use this rather than my other a/c. Hey Trigg of Ireland aka Timothy Green how are you doing? You many know me by this i.e Whos going to visit my personal space? I got Lil ACE, yourself! I saw a picture of you in your kitchen wearing orange joggers, do I ring any bells now? If so inbox me <rainbow>

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programmatically I find json soooo much easier, rather than having to parse a file you&#39;re referring to object elements. makes xml redundant as far as I&#39;m concerned.

On 26 September 2011 22:26, Timothy Green <> wrote:
Well, I wasn&#39;t planning on using namespaces! <headhurts>


On 26 September 2011 22:14, Steve Dunkley <> wrote:
> json is a *LOT* simpler than xml ;¬)
> On 26 September 2011 22:12, Timothy Green <> wrote:
>> > If h2g2 has a smartphone app, that app is going to need to ask questions
>> And not just a smartphone app. If you have an Ajaxy skin, it&#39;ll need
>> an API too. Ajax (asynchronous javascript and XML, though it&#39;s not
>> necessarly asynchronous and not necessarily XML), basically means
>> sending information between the browser and the server in the
>> background. So when you click somewhere, or press a button, the
>> javascript tells your browser that, instead of doing what it normally
>> would when you click here or press that button, it should instead send
>> information in the background to the server (using the API), await the
>> server response (using the API), and react accordingly. This would
>> mean that the browsing experience can be smoother. Facebook uses a lot
>> of Ajax, so when you submit a comment it doesn&#39;t reload the entire
>> pƥ

Steve Dunkley

Sep 27, 2011, 7:56:27 AM9/27/11
The new h2g2 will initially certainly be using the same code as the old one. You'll be able to continue accessing it with Opera Mini. I use Opera Mobile in full mode, and find Goo is such a good mobile skin, even if it was the original and now quite old.

When we come to rebuild, mobile will be a *big* focus.

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