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Oct 13, 2011, 3:07:34 PM10/13/11
Don't look at me neither how many users are/was on h2g2. I was just a user which my username I deleted since I couldn't do anythhing with it, since the change over from SSO to BBC_iD, I didn't have what I have know a smartphone. I was a digibox user who used the backdoor ie tv emails to get onto h2g2. Bet Jimcracker's mad not been able to use his cable box to lurk now. I did open a new name and yes with what I'm emailing h2g2c2 with, still waiting for an email from the new owners for me to accept but in all honesty I might not even bother because noon on that site liked me on ther poxy site. And the h2g2 moderators didn't like me niether always yikesed my posts so I left stopped on message boards. I'm not a researcher, I have no knowledge, half the stuff I read made no sence what so ever. So if and when I get the email I shall just delete, because even though the BBC had rules of none homophobic etc I got it els where ie facebook from a user named kow from h2g2 after I blocked him because of his foul messages I got the most dreadfull email anyone could ever imagine ever getting I don't have AIDS are any other sexual transmitted diseases. I name and shame Sean Brown from Barnsley UK you'll be reading this won't you kow or kowkow! And everyone els on h2g2 talk away behind my back I get where water can't get. The worst ever thing invented was the World Wide Web And I wish I never joined this group! Just as well it's my trash email. So I wish you all the luck with and I'm sure Douglas Noel Adams aka DNA had that web site before the BBC got ther mits on it, I loathe the BBC but I still pay ther wages via an out of date silly TV Licence as I'm a UK resident. Goodbye till next time.

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I'm afraid at the moment we don't have a solid estimation for you.

What we do know is that we have thousands of readers and a few hundred active contributors.

Like you we are hoping to get more non-native English speaking on h2g2 and have a project in the works, but we first need to concentrate on getԯ

Will Jenkins

Oct 13, 2011, 4:09:48 PM10/13/11

I'm sorry to hear you've had some bad experiences in the past with h2g2. Please stick around for a while and see how the new site works out for you! :)

Silly Willy

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