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Linda Harley

Sep 29, 2011, 3:59:34 PM9/29/11
Lifestooshort - you may have noticed that everyone's a weeeee bit busy
right now with the move to the new site due to happen in the next 24

So expecting an instant reply to a question or query is unrealistic
right now, especially in this forum, which was set up to discuss
issues relating to the move. Apologies if you're feeling ignored.

Linda/ Beatrice

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 8:36 PM,
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> Hmm no reply is that anything to do with me been lifestooshort on H2G2 via
> SSO by any chance?
> I think so............ so what is everyone upto I wonder trying to move h2g2
> to h2g2c2 oh that happens soon don't end of September! Well happy moving,
> they don't seem to be a web link for this new place I checked Bling, Yahoo
> also google search.
> Pink Pound.
> -- Original message --
> On 27 September 2011 13:36,
>> I must have a smarfone because it's fully touch, qwerty keyboard big
>> screen
> Yes, that's a smartphone by the definition given in
> Anything discussed here would be in addition to, not as a replacement
> of, the current site. Just a different way of navigating the same
> information. I doubt I'd use a smartphone app myself, as I've always
> preferred fairly simple phones. But you never know. I might be
> convinced to change my mind.
> TRiG.

Paul W. Harvey

Sep 29, 2011, 9:20:06 PM9/29/11
When I get that urge to panic, I go out and buy another towel. They're
nice and soft and comforting, and I've found some that throw off
minimal lint.

Gnomon was very kind today. He answered my question about what to do:
after H2G2 disappears from the BBC, go to and follow

Today I archived as much of my writings and articles as I could,
putting them in files in my computer.


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