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Sep 27, 2011, 9:10:42 AM9/27/11
Hi wow a quick reply, are you Robbie Stamp by any chance? I am on mobile phone I use Opera Mini5 to get onto h2g2 also BBC message boards. Using my network to use web is rather bleep! I like Opera Mini5 because I can open many web sites at once i.e email, h2g2, Myspace, search google, Facebook, etc I have many bookmarks. But at the moment I can't use friends reunited but they tell me they're working on a mobile site, yes I got intouch with them. Seems most places use flashplayer, I don't have that built in the mobile like these new Android, iPhone's have. Maybe you can tell me what is an Android mobile phone? What does it do that normal phones cannot? I'm not a technical person. <laugh> The World Wide Web is huge, I also use google maps via the mobile I've as far has Austraila even street view from my living room, I find it quit interesting. And weird that 10years ago none of this was possible we have come so far in so little time. Sorry for my ramblings. I go get some lunch are as some say bruch. Not had breaky yet been surfing the web. I've inserted an interesting video called Magic Sand enjoy. I use Alabaster Skin also Plain on h2g2 I find Goo, Classic etc hard on the eyes I'm partly sighted only one eye works. Cheers for your info.

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The new h2g2 will initially certainly be using the same code as the old one. You&#39;ll be able to continue accessing it with Opera Mini. I use Opera Mobile in full mode, and find Goo is such a good mobile skin, even if it was the original and now quite old.

When we come to rebuild, mobile will be a *big* focus.


Steve Dunkley

Sep 27, 2011, 9:12:03 AM9/27/11
"are you Robbie Stamp by any chance? "

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