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Entry: Critics.

It is well known that some critics enjoy their work, some critics
write for notoriety and some are so bloody-minded that they have to
live in secure isolation in case the recipients of their withering ire
decide that legal action is a soft option.
The one critic who embodied all three of these precepts was Glor
Raneer of Ackramil whose prose was so vile, so litigious that an
entire legal profession sprang up in the towns around his remote home,
cutting him off from civilisation entirely.
His review of the film “My Daughter’s Octopus” based on the book of
the same name by romantic powerhouse Yepin Wenno, was considered by
aficionados to be one of his best. It began:

"To say that this film does not capture the delicacy of the novel is
an understatement. It is as if the screenwriter has opened the book,
read it, taken out all the actual words and constructed his narrative
premise from the punctuation alone…"

Read more at http://bit.ly/nS8G15 and on HyperSpaces at http://bit.ly/oWoi5p
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