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Sep 27, 2011, 8:36:22 AM9/27/11
Here I am again yes I clicked on link am I a geek LOL I must have a smarfone because it's fully touch, qwerty keyboard big screen it's the LG GW520 if anyone wants to read about it. It has internet browsing with HSDPA 7.2Mbps how do you think I'm emailing I can attach attachments, I even have a facebook account, h2g2c2 cast your mind back I asked you to delete my posts as you put @my name, won't mention here eyes are watching probably the idiot who in the end I blocked for his foul messages also an awful email he sent! So I won't mention my name. I don't even know where this gets sent to. Well the address top of the sceen. Hi 2legs aka Mark Faben did you have a nice time away with your fiancee? One thing I will mention Trig, 2legs I'm gay hence the email, that might ring some bells. I won't type no more. <rainbow>

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If you're not a geek, please disregard this message.

For a javascript-driven Ajaxy skin, we would need an API. For a
smartphone app, we would need an API. And smartphone apps matter, as
they're far more usable than browsing the web directly on a smarphone: And I'd like an
Ajaxy skin.

One way or another, then, we need an API. Does an API exist?

I'm the sort of freaky weirdo who actually likes reading technical
documentation. And, even weirder, likes writing it. So if an API
doesn't exist, and you want one designed, I wouldn't mind giving it a
shot. (In fact, I designed a certain amount of it in my head while on
a 22km walk down the canal on Saturday.)

Should I write that up (and fill in the numerous gaps which are
inevitably left when you design something in your head)?


P.S. As I have a degree in chemistry, I still think of an API as an
active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Timothy Green

Sep 27, 2011, 10:06:26 AM9/27/11
On 27 September 2011 13:36,

<> wrote:
> I must have a smarfone because it's fully touch, qwerty keyboard big screen

Yes, that's a smartphone by the definition given in

Anything discussed here would be in addition to, not as a replacement
of, the current site. Just a different way of navigating the same
information. I doubt I'd use a smartphone app myself, as I've always
preferred fairly simple phones. But you never know. I might be
convinced to change my mind.


No Name

Sep 27, 2011, 10:36:28 AM9/27/11
Hello Trig, is this open to all? Did you see my messages before? I
can't remember how I ended up on here laugh. Your the one who was in
the kitchen wearing orange joggers? You gave me link you see ages ago
now. I read what everyone put about me when h2g2 was SSO cause my ID
never got moved over to BBC_iD because I didn't have what I have now.
Sorry for the loss of your friend cheese box lady who moved to Ireland
from I think France. Her name was Teresa I have chatted to her many
times. Who was I on HooToo LifesTooShort does that ring any bells?

Yes smartphone it's not very smart it doen't make me a [_]D of coffee.
Oh your email addy goes know where! This is the email I use for
facebook which I've just read they're to charge for the use of it.. If
they stop fiddling about with it changing the platform+settings they
wouldn't need to charge if it's true etc... They can close it for me
I'm sick of people sending 'POKES' I get an email everytime.. See you

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