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Jul 5, 2022, 8:16:36 AMJul 5
to H2 Database

Hi all,

I just finished implementing H2 integration in the new driver for LibreOffice/OpenOffice jdbcDriverOOo.

This driver must allow in Base:
  • The creation, deletion, modification, copy of table.
  • The creation, deletion, modification of view.
  • Editing the contents of tables and views if they are editable.
  • Creation, deletion of users and modification of the password.
  • Creation, modification, deletion of indexes.
  • Assigning user rights to database tables and views.

If there are people who are ready to test this first version, then I'm interested because it saves me a lot of time (because unfortunately I'm not paid ;-)

Here is the download link: jdbcDriverOOo and the documentation.

You must have Java version 11 minimum, and I recommend LibreOffice because the port to OpenOffice has not yet been done.

To have access to the extended mode of the driver you must validate the extended mode in: Tools -> Options -> Base drivers -> JDBC Driver and chose in Driver UNO Service. A restart of LibreOffice is needed.

This driver is not finished, it remains to manage the Indexes, the users and the rights on the tables...

Thank you for your help.
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