HTTPRequest deprecated in GWT 1.6 - but how to use RequestBuilder in Hangman example?

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Jul 3, 2009, 2:13:04 PM7/3/09
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Hi GTW Apps forum,

in the book's Hangman example there is following snippet of code, that
is used to load the movies.txt file, and when done, start the game:

//load words
HTTPRequest.asyncGet("movies.txt", new ResponseTextHandler(){
public void onCompletion(String responseText) {
words = responseText.split("\n");

From version 1.5 on it isn't recommended to use HTTPRequest.asynGet()
anymore, but to use the RequestBuilder class in the package instead. I tried to work with it,
but just didn't make it to replace the existing code with it.

My Java surely is a bit rusty (I coded .NET for some time now), but
really want to come back in order to use the fine GWT (which I came
across some weeks before) in future.

Are there any coding geeks out there that can supply some smart code
that replaces the snippet above?



Jul 12, 2009, 5:10:17 AM7/12/09
to Google Web Toolkit Applications
Alexander have a look at the updated sources at:

There is hangman source code for GWT 1.5, which uses the
RequestBuilder class.

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