running arcbees website to understand GWTP

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Jul 30, 2016, 8:37:23 AM7/30/16

I am trying to learn and use GWTP. So far I have been very comfortable with Mvp4g. 

To get started I decided to check out arcbees public website codebase from . I removed the GAE plugin for deployment and added a couple of repos in my settings.xml and the project is building fine. 

The issue is when I am trying to run the project its throwing an error in chrome console Unexpected token < and thats it. No error message / nothing..  Since the project looks very well written I anticipated a better quality error message. Also it doesn't have a configuration to launch a local starting page. I added <runTarget>/</runTarget> to the gwt-maven-plugin and could launch. 

Can anyone help me, may be from arcbees team ?

thanks a ton. 

Jul 31, 2016, 11:34:10 AM7/31/16
An additional piece of info regarding this - while building through the build is moving smoothly the build is throwing a warning

[WARNING] The POM for com.googlecode.gwtquery:gwtquery:jar:1.4.3-SNAPSHOT is missing, no dependency information available

though the pom never directly refers to the SNAPSHOT. so I am guessing one of the dependencies is referring to this snapshot which it doesn't find. 

Please help. I really love this site and would love to learn how to build such a good quality site with gwt. 

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