GWTP with GWT 2.8 and Super Dev Mode running very slow for large application

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Feb 7, 2017, 9:04:48 AM2/7/17
Hello ,

I am using GWTP and created around 500 Presenter Module, currently my application is taking 300 sec to start on SuperDev Mode, which is very high , also very small changes like changing UI xml of just one file take 100 sec to reload. This is very high.

I have give 5GB Xmx for SuperDev , running on i5 processor.

Please suggest what could be done. Also does the GWT incremental compile feature works well with GWTP application as GWTP scans the code for annotation to generate code?

The worst case try that i am thinking is compile every presenter widget as separate, use js of all the presenter module in one html and find a way of providing common elements like Event Bus , Place Manager and Initialization through js.

Mark Duesbury

May 20, 2017, 5:45:13 AM5/20/17
I would suggest splitting up your application into separate modules, each module can exist as a separate smaller project.
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