adding gwt compile output to a jar...not a war

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Oct 5, 2009, 11:33:29 AM10/5/09
to gwt-maven

I'm relatively new to GWT and I'm having an issue and I'm wondering if
i'm *possibly* misusing the plugin. Essentially what I'm trying to do
is generate a 'shared' module consisting of plain pojo types that I
would like to reference in downstream projects Here's what I'm

I'm setting the gwt plugin to send my compiler output to target/
gwt.output directory using this pom snippet:


however, despite adding the following resource definition:


My gwt.output directory is not being added. I have the impression this
is because the gwt:compile task occurs after the gather-resources
lifecycle phase, but I'm not exactly sure what is happening. Does
anyone have any insight into what the best-practice is for this type
of setup? Is anyone else including gwt artifacts in a JAR rather than
a WAR?

thanks in advance,

Charlie Collins

Oct 12, 2009, 4:18:18 PM10/12/09
to gwt-maven
That's a common use case, so I think the codehaus plugin should
support that.

This is the wrong list though, try:

Also note:
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