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Diego Sella

Jun 22, 2016, 2:15:15 PM6/22/16
to Google Web Designer beta
Hi guys, how are you?

I loved the new UI and it's good to see new resources, but I wanna share my feedback as a wishlist, here we go:


- Easy conversion from Google Ad to Non-Google Ad and vice versa;
- Open recent files (PLEASE!)
- Duplicate events (same effect or function for other elements);
- A lot of new shortcuts (timeline control, restore from zooming, switch to code view, publish and preview, alt/option+drag to duplicate element, etc…);
- Copy and paste between documents (PLEASE!);
- Easy image replace (on Library, for example);
- Click and drag to hide multiple layers;
- Auto name layers by image names;
- Multiple elements changes (for exemple: select multiple keyframes and put them all 50% opacity);
- Easy CSS Filters in Events;
- Responsive right menu (auto adjust height when one of the menus is minimized)
- Duplicate layer
- Order open files (drag to reorder)
- Rulers
- Grid


- Scrolling bug in timeline (when various layers)


- Image compressor
- Masks
- PSD Import
- Guide to animation (element follows the animation line)
- Onion-Skin view

Thanks ;)

Jenny Graves

Jun 29, 2016, 2:35:31 PM6/29/16
to Google Web Designer beta
Open Recent Files!! Yes, yes, yes! Me too.

And pretty much else Deigo mentioned!!


Jun 30, 2016, 4:37:35 AM6/30/16
to Google Web Designer beta
+ Add new tab (in banner) so you can add tabs in banner in some easier way
+ Better mouse over capabilities (now it doesnt work the way people expect it to work)
+ full file path in program title bar (because its important!)
+ shortcuts
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