Centering expandable ads not working in GWD

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Mar 6, 2015, 2:10:51 AM3/6/15
I'm having troubles with centering expandable ads created with GWD, they are all aligned left even that they are centered from the page properties in the tool.
I have published the ads via Studio to DFP and one of the ads is live on my test page:

Adding margin: 0 auto; on chrome developer tool fixes it and it works as it should, but that should be added to the css but in my case where I publish it straight to Studio, I'm not able to modify the css. So I think this is an issue in the tool, which obviously should be fixed in the expandable feature.
Standard In-page ads created with GWD acts as they should (centers by the ad unit settings), so the issue is not on the test page css code.

Is someone else having problems with this, and could someone from the product management team comment on this?
I would be more than happy to get this solved as soon as possible, as our sales team is selling this already..

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