Repeat Search (Command+G) seems quirky now

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Nov 19, 2015, 2:18:25 PM11/19/15
to Google Web Designer beta
I used to press Command+F to bring up the find menu, type in some text and press enter, then repeat my search using Command+G or search backwards using Shift+Command+G.

Now Command+G seems to bring up the search menu sometimes, and other times it repeats my last search.

For instance, try this:

1. Open some 300x250 ad.
2. Press Command+F.
3. Type "300px" then press return.
4. Result: The search field has focus.
5. Press esc to close the search field.
6. Press Command+G (with the intention of repeating your last search).
7. Result: This brings up the search field again.
8. ...ok, so press return to search.
9. Result: This closes the search panel and brings focus to the editor panel again.
10. ...ok... So press Command+G (assuming this will do the same thing as the last time I pressed Command+G...buuuut...)
11. Result: This repeats the last search.  Now pressing Command+G or Command+Shift+G works like it used to before yesterday's build until you press Command+F to bring the find dialog back up again.
12. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Expected result:
Command+G / Command+Shift+G should never bring up the search panel and should only repeat your last search.

Also, when you bring up the search panel with Command+F, type in some text, then press enter, the search field still has focus.  This means I have to press esc to close the search field to get focus back on to the text which is just another step.

Thank you!
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