Strange behaviour: Why does 'Transform Control' redefine the default size and position of images?

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Jun 30, 2016, 6:16:07 PM6/30/16
to Google Web Designer beta
Hi There,

New to GWD so sorry if this is easy - here's what I did:
- Created a keyframe at frame 1
- Created a key frame at 1sec
- Activated the keyframe at frame 1 and enabled 'Transform Control'
- Scaled the image up (at frame 1)

Confusing behaviour:

When I went to the frame at 1sec, the image was now larger - why is this? I'd already set a keyframe at 1sec with the image at 100%, it shouldn't now be larger right? Resizing multiple keyframes is a useful feature (if it is one) but if so, why is it on by default and how do you disable it?

I then tried to reset the size at 1sec using the numbers (X & Y were showing 1.666). But when I made X & Y 1 it wasn't the same size as it was prior to Transform Control. It's like Transform Control redefines what 100% is for the image - why is this and how do you redefine the image using it's actual size?

The image was also misaligned at 1sec so I tried to fix this using the numbers but 0, 0 had also been realigned/redefined for some reason.

Does any of this make sense or do I have something turned on that causes this behaviour?

Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.



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