Having difficulty Embedding SVG for Adwords

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Feb 12, 2015, 7:28:07 AM2/12/15
to gwd...@googlegroups.com
Hi, I've created animation using imported SVGs which are appearing in the assets folder, which I've come to discover isn't allowed on Adwords. Now I know it's possible to embedded the SVGs, as I have an instance of one appearing on the timeline (labelled as an SVG as opposed to an img), and it does not appear in the assets when I publish the work. Problem is, I've no idea what I did to make that happen, in fact, it was an accident!

I've looked online and a new update to Web Designer that allows you to edt imported SVGs is meant to automatically embed the SVG when you click to edit it but this just doesn't seem to be happening for me- it lets me edit but it still comes out as a sperate, sourced asset.

So basically, I need anyway that I can embed imported SVGs, please!

Jason Long

Feb 13, 2015, 7:00:02 PM2/13/15
to gwd...@googlegroups.com
Hi Niall S
In the older version of GWD, you could see the SVG texts in the HTML when you are editing SVG image file.  In the new version of GWD is different, you won't see the SVG texts in the HTML when you're editing the external SVG image file.  When you manually embed the SVG into the HTML, the assets library is empty because that is not an actual svg image file.

The workaround is you can open the SVG file in the text editor or note++, copy the entire svg texts and paste it in the <div class="gwd-page-content gwd-page-size"></div>.  After you embed the SVG, you can animate it, publish and upload to AdWords.   

Here is the example
<div class="gwd-page-content gwd-page-size">
          <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 112 90" class="gwd-svg-frqt gwd-gen-u4xigwdanimation">

Please let me know if this is help.

Thank you
Jason (GWD team)

Joel Collins

Aug 5, 2015, 5:44:12 AM8/5/15
to Google Web Designer beta


I've used the solution from Jason for pasting SVG code into the code view of GWD. It works to an extent but I've encountered a few issues - listed below. Are these limitations of GWD or is there something I can do to resolve them?

(Am using GWD version on a Mac with OS 10.10.4. My SVG code is v1.1, saved from Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. There are no grouped objects in it.)

  • I have an existing all-over background colour on my stage. When I paste my SVG code, I obviously get a new layer. When I click Bring to Front, the layer moves to the top but the SVG object still displays as though it’s underneath the other layer. This applies to the on screen view in GWD and when previewing in a web browser,   
  • When moving the SVG object or when applying transformations to it, the Position and size values don’t update, and the 3D position and view change instead.
  • Playhead scrubbing doesn’t work between keyframes for the SVG object, though previewing in a browser, or using the triangular play button to preview are both OK.
  • I have two keyframes. On my first keyframe I have my SVG object above the stage, at a very large size. On my second keyframe, I make the SVG object smaller and move it onto the stage near the bottom. With the exception of the points raised above (above), this works OK. However, if I change the opacity at the first keyframe to 0, and then click on the second keyframe, the on-screen view is not updated in GWD. Previewing in a web browser is OK. Quitting GWD and relaunching fixes this, though playhead scrubbing still doesn’t work.

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