why the Gvisor pod need internet access since its running in an isolated manner

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santhosh p

Apr 6, 2021, 6:39:42 AMApr 6
to gVisor Users [Public]
Hi Team,

 Recently I tried to install and configure gVisor pod, but during its configuration with Minikube,  but the pod is  trying to download following library over internet.

but as a isolated pod, why does it need internet access or outbound communication access ?

thanks in advance,

Santhosh P

Fabricio Voznika

Apr 6, 2021, 4:44:47 PMApr 6
to santhosh p, gVisor Users [Public]
gVisor binaries are not present in the image, so the addon used to enable gvisor (minikube addons enable gvisor) must download gVisor binaries from the link you mentioned and install in the node image. You can find the code for the add on here:

Once gVisor is installed in the node via the addon, then you can setup pods to run with gVisor using runtimeClassName: gvisor. These pods will run inside gVisor sandboxes, that are isolated from the host, with the network as configured for the pod.

I hope it helps,

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