Unsupported syscall sys_1008 + killed

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Travis DePrato

Apr 16, 2021, 5:09:51 PMApr 16
to gVisor Users [Public]
I'm noticing a few pods have this issue:

Unsupported syscall sys_1008(0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0). It is likely that you can safely ignore this message and that this is not the cause of any error. Please, refer to https://gvisor.dev/c/linux/amd64/sys_1008 for more information.

That link goes to a 404 page, and, infact, Googling "sys_1008" yields practically zero results.

gVisor then immediately logs:
Uncaught signal: \"killed\" (9), PID: 15, TID: 18, fault addr: 0x0
multiple times before the pod is ultimately deleted.

I can't reproduce this when I try to, so I'm curious if anyone has any insights.

For context, I'm running on GKE.

Adin Scannell

Apr 16, 2021, 5:13:45 PMApr 16
to Travis DePrato, gVisor Users [Public]
There is no syscall 1008, so it seems like this is an application going off the rails a bit (e.g. an application crash). It's hard to say why it is being killed subsequently, but it could be the result of a pointer exception or something else. This could be the "normal" application behavior (e.g. the same as native execution) or it could be some code path that the application has steered into because something else in the gVisor execution environment is different.

Are there any details of the container image that you could share? E.g. is it a standard runtime/framework or anything?

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Travis DePrato

Apr 20, 2021, 6:37:48 PMApr 20
to gVisor Users [Public]
Thanks for the reply! I think the syscall 1008 bit might have been a red herring - it doesn't seem to be an issue any more. Will update if I notice anything. For context, using Julia + ZMQ (my best guess for why a nonexistent syscall would be invoked would be something going wrong with Julia's CZMQ FFI stuff but unsure).
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