Why Was I Never Told About That (WWINTAT)

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Jul 24, 2007, 2:59:34 AM7/24/07
to guidelearning
WWINTAT is my favourite chapter in the David Bornstein book on how
entrepreneurial revolutionaries http://erworld.tv http://er100.blogspot.com
practice changing the world

WWINTATs can be very small

-eg members it helps a lot of you fill in your profiles with some
bookmarks where your learning collaboration revolutions are most
actionable alive and open

- see who has bothered to profile flows at http://groups.google.com/group/guidelearning/members

WWINTATs can flow the greatest world service imaginations

- 24 years ago founding members of this group used future history
system mapping to forecast http://www.normanmacrae.com/netfuture.html
that there is a maximum of 30 years to design a transparent
globalisation that empowers every locality sustainability and cross-
culturally integrates all our future childrens potentials to flow the
most they can be

the 5 year program passports to sustainability http://passports.jp
invites all world citizens to beam up events and projects on the
assumption that 2012 is our last call folks -check out collaboration
citizen progress at http://ecomap.tv


Jul 24, 2007, 3:00:45 AM7/24/07
to guidelearning

have you a WWINTAT to expose us to?

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