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Aug 20, 2007, 7:55:02 PM8/20/07
to guidelearning
This update on amazing learning revolutions tippinging in 007 was
first emailed out from Aug 20 as a double pager that can be a new
centrefold of the guide

main if you need your new insert

here's the first mail sent out accompanying the insert- please feel to
ask any questions on details between the lines

Dear All

I'll assume you all have your own printed copy of the World Citizen
Travel Guide to Learning. (If there's been a glitch I can snailmail
you one or you can donwload at

This 2 page attachment can be double printed and then folded as a
single insert to the guide.

The stories that can be stimulated by this extra addition are causing
waves the world over. I realise that some of the details between the
lines need developing depending how much you have already participated
or searched through learning world's most amazing last month. There is
a special thread at if
you have questions about the details of whom we know who is doing

Amongst news last week, India's former president challenged youth to
take over the country's view of all sustainability curricula by 2020. If you ever
come across someone who claims to love be the chnage, you now have a
bluffers guide on whether they truly understand the 100 years of work
that has gone into getting this transformatuion curriculum ready for
network weaving now.

Technically speaking Gordon Brown has signed up all universities and
schoos to the same people power program as India by agreeing to keep
up with any truth empowerment intiatives 12 nation leaders opened up

Clue: can now be sent to challenge conference organsisers of any
global village meeting that claims it is curious about survival of our
species : if nations the world over do not empower their youth to
learn new educational curricula , the chances of human sustainability
are next to zero.


chris macrae us 301 881 1655
fingers crossed that one of the featured heroes or heroines in our
guide crosses the finish line at

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