new version of GUESS (1.0.3) released

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Eytan Adar

Aug 13, 2007, 3:59:30 PM8/13/07
I've released version 1.0.3 (major changes and bug fixes listed
below). It's not a big change from the last version, but has a few
minor (but useful) improvements and bug fixes.

You can download the full release here (the files may still be
propagating through the sourceforge mirror system, so try again if it
doesn't download the first time):

Or if you have the 1.0.2 version you can get the "upgrade" here:

There are a few sample files missing from the upgrade, but it should
give you the new working code.

Changes from version 1.0.2


- added two parameters to the applet class... first you can specify a
URL parameter (instead of DB) pointing at the location of a gdf file
on the network (patch by Ben Raymond), second you can specify the
visualization mode by specifying PICCOLO,PREFUSE, or TOUCHGRAPH in the
VISMODE parameter (see testprefuse.html and testtouchgraph.html)

- modification proposed by Ben Raymond to disable applet menus that
generate a security error

- guess now remembers the history file when you exit and restart in
the GUI console (last 100 commands)

- added: g.compressOverlapping() and g.expandOverlapping(). The
second is equivalent to readjustEdges(), the second is the opposite

- added getTextPaneJythonConsole() to allow user to grab pointer to intepreter
add ui.getVerticalDockedComponents() and
ui.getHorizontalDockedComponents() to give a handle to existing docked
components for vertical and horizontal docks respectively

- allow users to grab handles to pre-generated UI components

- calling MascoptDiGraphProxy.createProxy(...) multiple times will work
- out of bounds exception in field modifier fixed
- small fix to arrow sizes to make them look better for low width edges.
- fix to query
- fix to sequence, pajek reader a little more robust
- made set mapping work
- made convex hulls work a little easier with colors

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