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Livereload User

Dec 24, 2014, 3:53:38 AM12/24/14
Good day. I set up displaying of notifications in my Ubuntu 14.04.
All is well, but notifications are queued.
I can save the file for 10 times, and after this i will have 10 notifications, which will be shown one after another during next few minutes.
How can i disable this queue?

I apologize for my bad English.
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Cezary Baginski

Dec 27, 2014, 3:29:26 PM12/27/14
1) I've just extracted the notification library from Guard into: (so all future notifications issues like this one should be reported there from now on).

2) This is a known problem with libnotify on Ubuntu - see this thread:

3) libnotify has a "replace" option, but I haven't tried it yet: (if you can get it working like you want, do open an issue and/or create a PR in Notiffany project)

4) There may be other notifies, e.g. I like xosd (It's not as pretty, but the features are great) - I might be worth adding support for it in the Notiffany project

Also, there used to be a "hacked" libnotify PPA - but it was no longer maintained (and it stopped working with Ubuntu 12 I think) - you might want to get the sources, fix the timeout and install it locally.

That's all the ideas/suggestions I have - sorry.
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