Does Programming Require a university?

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Does Programming Require a University?

Programming is one of the fastest growing professions and has become one of the responsibilities in the world of technology today. Developer’s design and build software and operating systems on which all digital and computer systems, from personal computers to smartphones, laptops, and other digital devices, rely.

Because programmers are needed in all industries and for everything from web design to mobile applications and video games, we see that the number of job opportunities for this profession has increased tremendously and from every Ten job postings One of the ads is dedicated to hiring a developer. All these advantages and disadvantages have made many people interested in programming and consider it as their future job.

What we have heard so far about the career path of programming is more about self-study and attending online classes, and less about the career path of programming from university and academically. Of course, we should not forget that programming means practice, practice and practice, and if you are going to enter this field through the university, you should not leave learning and self-study. In this article, we are going to talk to you about the academic career path of programming and the academic field of programming (if any).

Career programming career from university and vocational school

What is the difference between having a degree and a certificate? What is the difference between going to college and sitting in a university classroom and attending boot camps and online classes? To answer these questions, we must say that the difference between these cases is very small, and it does not matter at all which path you choose to achieve programming. Finally, you need to be able to gain enough knowledge and skills from two methods to be able to prove itself in today's competitive labor market.

Both options have pros and cons, and you should consider which one to choose for your ideal career path.

Learn programming in a tutorial way

The traditional way of becoming a programmer to date has been the self-directed learning path, which happens to be more flexible than the university, and also saves time and money.

In this way, you can choose to participate in a coding boot camp or participate in online courses. Some boot camps have very new ways of learning and even hire someone as a mentor or mentor to keep you engaged.

In the tutorial method, you can adjust the speed of learning yourself, and well, this can help you finish learning programming faster than college. Another point is that you will have more freedom in choosing what to learn and when to do it.

But apart from these benefits, taking this path can affect your career prospects. There are employers who refuse to hire you because you do not have a degree. Even some companies may pay less for programmers who do not have a valid degree.

This is where experience comes into play. People with a high level of programming experience without a degree can expect high salaries and can apply for a salary according to their ability.

Choosing an academic method for learning programming

In the academic method, obtaining a degree may take a little longer than in the previous method. Most courses and disciplines are completed within a certain year; For example, we all know that a bachelor's degree lasts 4 years.

It is true that attending university and sitting in the classroom may not leave you free to accelerate learning, but it does allow you to use the experience of expert professors and their knowledge and add to your knowledge.

Mentioning a degree related to programming in your resume can also be a strength to you and increase your chances of getting hired and applying for a high salary. Some employers and companies are sensitive to the degree, and the degree on your resume can be the winner.

Whichever path you choose, by gaining knowledge and experience in this field, you increase your chances of being hired by the best companies. As long as you focus on your work and become stronger day by day, you can have the opportunity to be hired in large companies.

Programming major

It is necessary to know that we do not have a field called programming in Iran and in any university. But there are other courses in programming that you can use to increase your programming knowledge and literacy.

Computer science disciplines, such as software and information technology, are disciplines that offer programming courses. To pursue a career in programming academically, you must study these disciplines. Of course, we have to say that the field of programming is not offered in public and free universities, and in the last few years, the University of Applied Sciences has offered a field called web programming. University can be a good choice to start your academic career. In this field, you can get acquainted with programming itself and know and learn future programming languages ​​well.

Professional technical programming

There is no programming major in vocational high schools or vocational colleges, and those interested can choose a computer major and prepare for college. Some of the specialized courses that are taught in the field of computer in vocational schools and technical schools are:

  • Computer technical drawing
  • Basic technical knowledge (computer software network)
  • Computer system installation
  • Electronic content production and programming
  • Programming and database development
  • Implementation of information systems
  • E-commerce website and network security
  • Installation and maintenance of network equipment and hardware
  • New Technology

In addition to these courses, there are courses such as mathematics that a person who has chosen programming as his future job, must be strong in mathematics. Just keep in mind that programming requires effort beyond college and school.

Career perspective in programming

There are many career options in the field of programming. As a programmer, you can work in a variety of jobs, from computer systems analyst to database administrator. In addition to the multiplicity of jobs, it is possible for you to earn a very good income from your degree and knowledge.

Some of the exciting and creative jobs that this field has to offer include making video games, animation and website design. Since this field includes many specialties, it is very easy to find a job that leaves you free to be creative.

Developer rights

The salary of programmers, like other jobs, depends on many factors. Factors such as level of experience, work experience, skills, language familiarity, degree (which we discuss in this article) and many other factors can cause programming salaries to go up and down.

This average monthly salary includes housing, transportation and other benefits. The salaries of web developers and programmers in Iran and even in other countries vary based on experience, skills, gender or location, and each company and employer can determine the salary according to the wishes of the programmer. In the following article, we will talk about these factors and their impact on the salaries of programmers.

Jobs related to programming

If you are studying computer science, you will gain a lot of technical and non-technical skills that will allow you to work in management to programming. This means that you will have a wide range of choices in your area of ​​expertise, including financial institutions, consulting firms, software companies, telecommunications companies, data-driven companies, government agencies, universities and hospitals.

Like all job tips, keep in mind that work experience at university and even internships can help you apply for job opportunities more easily. You can also work on your own independent projects, even at university.


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