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Welcome to the GTFS-ride Google Discussion Group. The main purpose of this forum is to provide an outlet to discuss the GTFS-ride ridership data standard. Topics presented in this group need not follow a specific format and can be of any topic related to the GTFS-ride ridership data standard. 


This forum can be used for discussion of potential modifications to GTFS-ride. If a specific addition or change is sought or known, ( in the GitHub repository ( will guide change initiators through the process of opening a GitHub issue or a pull request.


This forum will also serve to announce voting periods for all GTFS-ride pull requests seeking to modify GTFS-ride. Voting will not occur in this Google Discussion Group, but rather within the GTFS-ride repository pull request on GitHub.


Please feel free to reach out as questions arise. It is through collaboration that GTFS-ride will best be able to serve the wider transit community.


Matthew Barnes

ODOT Rail & Public Transit Division