Requesting feedback from producers on GTFS-realtime occupancy

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Barbeau, Sean

May 20, 2020, 12:06:22 PM5/20/20

Hi all,

We're trying to get feedback, from producers in particular (AVL/APC vendors included), on the best way to share real-time occupancy data, especially given the relevance of this to current transit conditions around the world.


A quick recap - there are currently two experimental ways to represent occupancy data in GTFS-Realtime data:

• OccupancyStatus (6 yrs old) – an enumeration of values like “MANY_SEATS_AVAILABLE, FEW_SEATS_AVAILABLE, STANDING_ROOM_ONLY”, etc.

• occupancy_percentage (brand new) – A numeric value between 0 and 100


There is one thread on GitHub that is trying to identify precise use cases for each field – Aaron Antrim just wrote a summary of the discussion so far here:


There is another proposal to change OccupancyStatus enumeration values – to potentially reduce the number of them and align with the values used in the SIRI spec:


If you're a producer of occupancy data that can (or could be) shared in real-time, please comment on both threads with your thoughts!





Sean J. Barbeau, Ph.D.

Principal Mobile Software Architect for R&D

Center for Urban Transportation Research

University of South Florida

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