GSOC 2021: Project Mentors, Please Post Project Ideas!

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Brian G. Peterson

Feb 18, 2021, 6:57:07 PMFeb 18
to, r-help
Potential GSoC Mentors,

R has applied as mentoring organization again this year for Google Summer of Code 2021 (  While we won't know for a while if we have been accepted, we hope that we will be accepted again this year as we have been in past years.

If you are an author or an R package, or have research using R that might benefit from additional paid summer coding help, I encourage you to consider positng a project idea to the R  GSoC wiki:

start by copying the template here:

into a separate project idea page, and add your project idea to the table on the first link above.

In the coming couple of weeks, Google will evaluate organizations for inclusion in GSoC.  As part of that evaluation, Google reviews organization's project ideas.  So it is good for the R community to have project ideas in place for Google and potential students to review.

Your project idea should encompass approximately 175 hours of paid work by a student over 10 weeks.  You should have at least two mentors for your project.  Please reach out to us with questions!


Brian G. Peterson
im: bgpbraverock

Mar 10, 2021, 4:01:08 PMMar 10
to gsoc-r
Dear all,
R has been officially accepted as a mentoring org this year,
So far I see 22 project ideas posted on some of which have already got some pretty impressive test results from potential students.
MENTORS please post your project ideas ASAP.
STUDENTS please start reading project ideas and working on the proposed tests, especially for ideas that are listed as "Need student"
I'm looking forward to another productive R-GSOC this year!
Thanks for your participation!

Neeraj Dhanraj

Apr 16, 2021, 9:19:09 PMApr 16
Dear Brian Peterson,

Could you please invite Prof. Andres Feijoo (afeijoo@uvigo) as a mentor for GSOC-R?


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Toby Hocking

Apr 19, 2021, 2:19:02 PMApr 19
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