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J C Nash

Apr 13, 2020, 11:31:09 AM4/13/20
I just took a look through the proposals to R for GSOC2020.

1) many project don't yet have comments
2) many don't have a mentor assigned
3) April 21 is not far away

For information of those on this gsoc-r group, I receive (along with a couple of other folk)
the requests to join the group. If the request does not identify in some way how the applicant
is associated with R, I ignore it. This can mean I'm blocking possible mentors, so do share
with those who may want to mentor that they should include a note "Wish to mentor (name of
project)" or something like that. Even better, let us know a tiny bit about yourself e.g.,
"prof at U of X". If the request interface fails, then email me at the above address.

We don't want projects to fail on technicalities like no mentor assigned.


John Nash
U of Ottawa (retired)

Brian G. Peterson

Apr 17, 2020, 9:28:13 PM4/17/20
It looks like a relatively large number of mentors have not commented on proposals.  

I will go through things in the morning and invite any listed mentors who are not already invited to the summerofcode website.

If you are a mentor and have not commented on your proposal(s), please do so ASAP, as slot requests are due early next week.

If you intend to be a mentor and have not been invited, please contact the org admins.



Brian G. Peterson
im: bgpbraverock
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