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Welcome to the Gogle Group dedicated to the Windows sitemap generator program GSiteCrawler (GSC)
GSC V1.23 Downloads      


Sorry, the program GSiteCrawler is no longer available for download from anywhere!!! 


GSC V1.23, Vista and Windows 7


How to install and run GSC V 1.23 in Vista*

You  must install and run the program as administrator.

Go to the folder where you installed it, right click the executable GSiteCrawler.exe and select Properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box near the bottom to Run as administrator.

Do the same thing for the program to compress the database DbCompress.exe. And the uninstaller Unwise.exe for good measure.

You will also face the typical Vista prompt "Are you sure you want to run ...".

For that  you need to find ways to tweak the UAC so it won't bother you again.