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Welcome to the gsea-help group.  This is the official help and discussion forum for Gene Set Enrichment (GSEA) and Molecular Signature Database (MSigDB). Please post questions, bug reports, and suggestions here. If you're having a problem, try searching this list to see if your question has already been addressed. If a suggested solution does not address your issue, please create a new topic. Everyone is encouraged to contribute by suggesting bug fixes, and joining discussions of feature enhancements. 

Other resources include: 
If you contact us about a problem with the GSEA desktop application, please send us the following information:
  1. The version of GSEA you are using, your computer operating system, and your version of Java.
  2. The text of any error messages, and the log from the GSEA session that caused the error. To retrieve the log, click the [+] icon in the bottom left of the GSEA window and copy the text.
  3. Optionally, example data that demonstrates the problem.
If you do not wish to create a Google account, please note that you can also sign up by sending an email to with "subscribe" as the subject, and that when signing up you can set your account to avoid receiving emails.