Re: [gs-discussion] Looking for simple but secure, fast file storage option. Can you please help me decide which option is for me?

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Mar 27, 2013, 3:51:20 PM3/27/13
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Hi Steve,

As far as google products go, that sounds like a very good fit for Google Drive.  This is the mailing list for Google Cloud Storage, which is a product more focused on developer support and probably not suited to your needs.  I hope that Google Drive will meet your needs, and wish you good luck in finding a more modern high performance replacement for your better system. 

Best Regards,
Google Cloud Storage Team

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 7:39 PM, Steve Peck <> wrote:
I have a small company with about 25 people. We presently use I-Drive WebDAV-based file storage provided through This provides us a fairly simple mapped file storage that works through the windows file explorer and is accessible by our whole team... This, we think is critical. we all need access to the same stuff, including people in the office and people who work remotely.  I looked at some Microsoft server options but the cost is just stupid. We also used NAS Network attached storage but there were samba user limits and it was a little unreliable and couldn't be accessed by those not directly connected to the server.
Only concern we have with the I-drive is its speed. it is brutally slow to navigate through the file structure. It is like using a 1980's computer it is so slow.
We really like the simplicity of the mapped drive for drag and drop ease. It is so intuitive but we have the need for speed. It takes way too long to drag and drop files through the file structure...
Anybody know a solid solution?

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