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Mar 31, 2009, 2:02:22 AM3/31/09
to Esperanto Groups

It's two AM, I can't sleep because I have been lax in e-mailing and
now have a backlog of about twenty people to respond to, and my break
from this consists of announcing to a group of people I've never met
but who share a common interest with me in a language no one I know
speaks that I'm starting a club on my campus.

Life is good.

My name is Ben Isserlis, and I am overworked, underpaid, and loving
it. I first heard about Esperanto an unknown and indeterminable number
of years ago, was inspired to finally learn the language by virtue of
the fact that someone at the University of Rochester teaches a free
class in it, and am now in the process of fighting against apathy and
the Center for Campus Life to have a club recognized here at the
Rochester Institute of Technology.

Here's our Facebook group.

-Ben Isserlis


Mar 31, 2009, 10:13:05 AM3/31/09
to Esperanto Groups
That is marvellous! I'm Darcy, of the group at University of Illinois.
We're currently in the process of having an "Esperanto-Week," where we
teach the basics of grammar in a week. It's going pretty well.
Otherwise, we've been meeting every Wednesday for an hour, hour and a
half, and teaching and using the language. It's been a blast. Do you
think once your group starts getting on its feet some of you could try
to come to the Esperanto-USA congress? It's in St. Louis this year and
a bunch of people from my group should be coming. :-) Good luck and
keep us updated on your progress!
Darcy Ross
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