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Dec 31, 2008, 12:21:24 PM12/31/08
to Esperanto Groups
So, what kind of plans do you have for your group this upcoming year?
Or, thoughts on Esperanto. It's been an interesting year, especially
this last month or so with Esperanto taking a large role in

For my group, I'll be just starting official meetings, so it will be a
lot of straight Esperanto lessons. However, if it goes quick enough,
I'd like to have us do some volunteer projects. It would raise
awareness in a positive light, and I was thinking that I could come up
with word-lists that pertain to the project, so we could try to speak
Esperanto while doing it/talking about it later.

Kion vi pensas?

Jordon Kalilich

Dec 31, 2008, 4:35:09 PM12/31/08
I'm really impressed by how Esperanto has been doing on I only wish
I had found out about the site earlier so I could tell more people to keep it in
the running for the second round. But absent a sudden upsurge in other votes, it
looks like it's going to get there.

What kinds of volunteer projects would you have in mind for your group? That
sounds like a great educational opportunity for everyone involved. It might be
worthwhile to create a garden somewhere and name it after Zamenhof or Esperanto.
That would definitely be beneficial for Esperanto's image.

As for my own club, I think we're going to have another presentation about
Esperanto in a few weeks and teach the new people the basics while teaching the
older crop more advanced things. I'm not sure about anything else, though.

Thus spake Darsi on 12/31/2008 12:21 PM:


Jan 1, 2009, 12:45:39 PM1/1/09
to Esperanto Groups
Yay! Esperanto made it to the final round of's contest. The
numbers go back to zero though, so starting the 5th of January we've
got to redouble efforts. I think that even if we don't win, this
really raised some awareness and discussion about Esperanto. A very
happy new year!

The garden idea is great--I'm definitely going to try to get that
going. Other volunteer ideas I had in mind were volunteering at soup
kitchens (an opportunity to learn words involving eating), the humane
society (and several other like animal organizations), the Red Cross,
perhaps tutoring at local schools... It would be really cool if we
could get little classes started for the young'ns, but I think that
that could only be realized further in the future. That's only a short
list too--there's a ton of stuff we could do.

**UEA sent out a message about a fund that it has to give free money
to libraries/Eo groups to buy Eo books, and how so few apply for the
money that they usually end up giving some to every one who applies.
"Petoj pri subvencioj en 2009 devos atingi la Centran Oficejon gxis la
15-a de oktobro. Kun la peto oni sendu liston de dezirataj libroj,
kiuj estu ordigitaj laux dezirindeco." So, start compiling lists of
books you want and get em in before the 15th of October.

On Dec 31 2008, 3:35 pm, Jordon Kalilich <>

Jordon Kalilich

Jan 2, 2009, 9:26:05 AM1/2/09
You know, I really do wonder what Obama would have to say about Esperanto. I
can't imagine him saying it would be a bad idea (although he has let me down in
the past). It's going to face some tough competition from the other ideas, but
fortunately, it was the 9th most popular idea in the first round (if I recall
correctly), and we have legions of Esperantists to vote it up.

I'll have to take UEA up on its offer. My club wants to buy textbooks for our
members eventually, but getting money from the university is a hassle.

Thus spake Darsi on 01/01/2009 12:45 PM:
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