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Are you interested in starting a property business? Property investment is classified as a real asset investment, where the investment is in the form of tangible objects. Land or property investment is very popular these days.

This can happen with the emergence of scarcity. Just imagine, the available land will not increase (unless the land expansion process is carried out by the government). Meanwhile, the population continues to increase.

This means that the demand for land and property will be higher than the supply, resulting in higher prices.

You can also earn passive income when investing in property. For example, if you are waiting for retirement and decide to rent it out or rent it out.

Here you earn passive income while still owning the assets (because land and buildings are not sold).

You are a fresh graduate who doesn't know what kind of profession you want to be? Maybe a real estate agent or broker can be one of the selected job lists.

But of course you want to be a successful property agent right? Therefore, Finansialku has summarized the following 10 success tips:

#1 Get Professional Broker Certification

The first way to become a successful property agent is to have a certificate/licence, then the property agent is considered to have the ability to carry out work as a broker.

But unfortunately there are still many property agents who don't have it because they don't know how to get this certificate.

#2 Choose the Right Facility

The next way to become a property agent, you can choose between being an individual / individual property agent or joining a business entity.

When you choose to become an individual property agent, you are solely responsible for yourself. But of course you will be more flexible in time and activities.

Meanwhile, if you choose to join a business entity, you must follow company rules but have the right means to offer property.

You should look for a property agent company that has a good and reliable reputation. An easy way is to check the credibility of the company through reviews on social media or blogs. You can also ask for advice from relatives who have been property marketing agents.

The advantage of being part of a property agency is that you can get guidance from seniors and a client database that you can develop yourself.

For consideration, do not forget to ask these 4 things to the personnel department:

Does the company provide additional courses to its employees or property agents?
Is there a companion who is ready to teach me?
Should adopt the company's distinctive style when communicating with clients?
How long does it take to earn commissions?

#3 Diligently Promote

As a property agent, you must be diligent in promoting property to potential buyers. We recommend that you take advantage of the available marketing media or platforms.

#4 Building Relationships and Portfolios

One of the keys to business success is networking. With extensive relationships, you can become a property agent known by word of mouth. AND it is one of the most effective marketing strategies in Indonesia.

Apart from that, you also have to build a portfolio. One of the best methods for building a portfolio is finding a mentor.

Barbara Kennon, from the National Association of Realtors, said that finding the right mentor is especially important for budding real estate agents.

They are certainly able to guide you in the process of buying and selling property to how to quickly get clients.

It's time to start contacting the people closest to you and using your private network.

Contact relatives who are planning to sell their house, land, or apartment, and offer them to use your services as an agent.

#5 Dare to Speculate

The next way to become a successful property agent is to dare to speculate. It is true that the property business is a relatively safe business. However, to run a business as a property agent, you must dare to be mobile, not only in big cities.

Instead you have to dare to get out of the safe zone, namely by diving into small areas. Because that's where your opportunity to practice and enrich the experience.

 #7 Sincere But Never Give Up

As a real estate agent, you may not always do it right. You will certainly go through several obstacles before achieving success.

But this is where we are tested as property agents, where we must be sincere when other properties are sold than the properties we offer.

But being sincere here does not mean giving up, because there are still many other potential buyers who of course have different preferences.

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