use python load proto files to mock server error

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Aug 1, 2022, 10:16:06 AMAug 1
Hi there!
I'm actually facing some issues and am wondering if I'm on a completely wrong track here. We're currently trying to make a common mock server used by python + grpc +proto with experimental no-codegen API:

However, we're currently facing the issues that load some proto files which we addressed like this:
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
    for file in files:
        if '.proto' in file:
            try:                _proto, _services = grpc.protos_and_services(file)
            except Exception as e:
                logger.error("Error: grpc.protos_and_services error {}, proto file {}".format(e, file))
                raise e            service_list = inspect.getmembers(_services, inspect.isfunction)
            for (module_name, module_instance) in inspect.getmembers(_services, inspect.isclass):
                if 'Servicer' in module_name:
                    service_dict[module_name.split("Servicer")[0]] = (
                        _services, module_instance, [x[1] for x in service_list if module_name in x[0]][0],

return service_dict

the error msg:
    return _message.default_pool.AddSerializedFile(serialized_pb)
TypeError: Couldn't build proto file into descriptor pool!
Invalid proto descriptor for file "clarity.proto":
  live.xanchor.v1.Virtual: "live.xanchor.v1.Virtual" is already defined in file "virtual.proto".
  live.xanchor.v1.Virtual: Note that enum values use C++ scoping rules, meaning that enum values are siblings of their type, not children of it.  Therefore, "Virtual" must be unique within "live.xanchor.v1", not just within "ClarityLiveMode".

the clarity.proto like this:
enum ClarityLiveMode {
    ...    Virtual = 5;      }

the virtual.proto like this:
service Virtual {
    rpc ...

How can I load proto files, and avoid this issue? thanks.




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