gRPC Java v1.46.0 Released

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Eric Anderson

Apr 28, 2022, 12:11:25 PMApr 28
to grpc-io
The v1.46.0 release is now available.

Bug Fixes

  • netty: Fixed incompatibility with Netty 4.1.75.Final that caused COMPRESSION_ERROR (#9004)
  • xds: Fix LBs blindly propagating control plane errors (#9012). This change forces the use of UNAVAILABLE for any xDS communication failures, which otherwise could greatly confuse an application. This is essentially a continuation of the fix in 1.45.0 for XdsNameResolver, but for other similar cases
  • xds: Fix ring_hash reconnecting behavior. Previously a TRANSIENT_FAILURE subchannel would remain failed forever
  • xds: Fix ring_hash defeating priority’s failover connection timeout. grpc/proposal#296
  • binder: Work around an Android Intent bug for consistent AndroidComponentAndress hashCode() and equals() (#9061)
  • binder: Fix deadlock when using process-local Binder (#8987). Process-local binder has a different threading model than normal FLAG_ONEWAY, so this case is now detected and the FLAG_ONEWAY threading model is emulated
  • okhttp: Removed dead code in io.grpc.okhttp.internal.Util. This should have no impact except for static code analysis. This code was never used and was from the process of forking okhttp. It calculated things like MD5 which can trigger security scanners (#9071)

Behavior Changes

  • java_grpc_library.bzl: Pass use_default_shell_env = True for protoc (#8984). This allows using MinGW on Windows
  • xds: Unconditionally apply backoff on ADS and LDS stream recreation. Previously if a message had been received on the stream no backoff wait would be performed. This limits QPS to a buggy server to 1 QPS, instead of a closed loop
  • xds: Skip Routes within VirtualHosts whose RouteAction has no cluster_specifier. This probably means the control plane is using a cluster_specifier field unknown/unsupported by gRPC. The control plane can repeat the Route with a different cluster_specifier for compatibility with older clients
  • xds: Support xds.config.resource-in-sotw client capability. Resources wrapped in a io.envoyproxy.envoy.service.discovery.v3.Resource message are now supported (#8997)

New Features

  • gcp-observability: A new experimental module for improving visibility into gRPC workloads. Initially supports logging RPCs to Google Cloud Logging
  • grpclb: Support setting initial fallback timeout by service config (#8980)


  • PerfMark bumped to 0.25.0 (#8948)
  • okhttp: the okhttp dependency is now compile only (#8971). Okhttp’s internal HTTP/2 implementation was forked inside grpc-okhttp a long time ago, but there had been a few stray internal classes that had not been forked but should have been. That has now been fixed in preparation for OkHttp 3/4 support. Compile-only may cause a runtime failure for code using reflection on OkHttpChannelBuilder; add a dependency on okhttp 2.7.4 to resolve
  • bom: Removed protoc-gen-grpc-java from the BOM, as the classifier was confusing and it provided no value (#9020)



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