Growl doesn't work on some machines

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Artem Y

Dec 17, 2009, 5:49:10 AM12/17/09
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I'm writing simple PyObjC application and I added Growl support to it.
I develop on 10.6 and also test it on my other 10.5 Mac, it works
fine on both of my machines, but other users complains that Growl
notificaitons don't work, they seem to have same OS X version (10.6.2)
and PyObjC version (2.2b3) as mine, and I don't have any idea what is
wrong, because no errors showed up in their Console. The other
applications show Growl popups for them.

I'm using Growl framework 1.2

Could someone test it out and see what is wrong ? To test Growl
navigate to Preferences -> Notifications and click "Preview
Notification" button. All Growl related code are in

Application released under GPL, you can download it here:

Many thanks,

Peter Hosey

Dec 17, 2009, 1:47:50 PM12/17/09
On Dec 17, 2009, at 02:49:10, Artem Y wrote:
> … other users complains that Growl notificaitons don't work …

Does your app show up on the Applications tab in the Growl preference
pane for these users?

What happens if you remove it from your own Applications tab?

Artem Y

Dec 17, 2009, 3:58:33 PM12/17/09
to Growl Discuss
Yes, it showed up preference pane for them. I guess I figured out what
is the problem. My system Python has PyObjC 2.2b3(which is default
version of PyObjC on 10.6) but program was using Python from /Library/
Frameworks and it has PyObjC 1.4, however on the other user's machine
it was using it from /System/Library/Frameworks which had PyObjC
2.2b3. So I guess it's a bug in PyObjC 2.2b3.
Growl register fine but not displaying. When I change Python to
version which has PyObjC 1.4 Growl works fine.
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